Smart Timer for Tesla


Timers for preconditioning and checking your Tesla is plugged in! On the iOS app store.

There is nothing like waking up, getting ready for work, but then getting in the car and seeing it didn’t charge! Oops, you forgot to plug it in. Okay you can go to work via a supercharger, but now you’re going to be late! Bet you wished your phone had given you a warning that you’d not plugged in the night before. Well now it can with the Smart Timer app.

Plus you can set up schedules for preconditioning (pre-heating the Tesla). But these are smart schedules: Want to precondition the car before leaving the office only on weekdays? Done! And the phone will check that your car is actually at work before it does it. And it can check that you have enough charge in the battery for the trip home.

And if you don’t get in your car after preconditioning starts, then this app will ping you a message to remind you the car is still preconditioning, or simply turn it off if you’d prefer that.

What events are supported?

  • Check that the car is plugged in;
  • Precondition (turn on the climate control) before a journey;
  • Start charging the car;
  • Turn on valet mode
  • Turn off valet mode

What types of conditions can be set for an event?

  • What time, and what days should it repeat;
  • Where should the car be for the event to work;
  • What state of charge should the battery have;
  • Only when the car is plugged in;